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Active Shooter Courses in Texas - Bridge Of Life Training

Is the Number 1, Bystander Active Shooter Education course for

School Teachers, Industrial & Commercial enterprizes, Hospitals, Everyday citizens and other proactive organizations who have a strong duty of care to protect their employees!

When seconds count, help can be 30 minutes away!

About Us



​This ground-breaking program exists because we have an ideal mixture of talent and experience within our organization. Each of our professional instructors brings a wealth of tactical and medical experience honed in battlefields abroad and urban environments within our own borders. We offer our services with integrity and passion.

Bridge Of Life Training



Bystander Active Shooter Education. It is an innovative program aimed at providing individuals & organizations the lifesaving tools they need in any active shooter or mass casualty event. There is no other organizations tackling this immediate need to save lives at the point of injury.





Many of your questions will be answered here. If not please contact us and we will promptly contact you.

DUNS 079603102


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