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Our Staff

This ground-breaking program exists because we have an ideal mixture of talent and experience within our organization.  Each of our professional instructors brings a wealth of tactical and medical experience honed in battlefields abroad and urban environments within our own borders.  We offer our services with integrity and passion
Terence Moore
Dr. Kevin Rittger
Medical Director

Terence started his diverse medical career back in 1989, first serving 9 years as a medic in the Australian Army. He then worked for 5 years in general and remote nursing before leaving the Australian outback for the United States. He completed the NREMT Paramedic program and worked 911 response in the streets of Houston for a couple of years. In the past 12 years he also managed to serve 5 years in Iraq and 3 year in Afghanistan in both armed and non-armed roles. Over the past 3 years the pursuit of adventure has taken him offshore on oil platforms, to remote pipeline operations, and even to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. His range of skills and capabilities is extensive. He has the proven ability to make quick life-saving medical decisions in essentially any environment.


Terence personally developed the BOLT program in 2014 in response to a critical void in our first responder systems. His goal is to increase the survival rate of our most precious commodity - our children - by giving teachers the tools to win against the "Deadly Clock.”


He also offers an exciting Tactical Combat Casualty Care course with his Tactical Medics Group.

Nate Minich
Training Director

Dr. Rittger is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and has been an active staff physician at multiple hospitals, including Brazosport Regional Medical Center, University of Texas Medical Branch, St. Joseph Medical Center and Baptist Memorial Hospital Orange. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Rittger has also been providing remote medical direction for EMTs and Paramedics around the globe from the Middle East to Africa.


He continues to work with industry, private, and public services, wielding his influence within Galveston County, the Houston metropolitan area, and Louisiana to maintain the highest standards for medical services. Dr. Rittger is deeply committed to excellent care in the prehospital environment.

Nate has more than 10 years experience as a U.S Marine. Nate was also deployed to Afghanistan as a squad leader. He has completed several schools of training during his enlistment in the Marine Corps, including Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructors course, Infantry Squad Leader, Security forces school, Advanced Combat Trauma Management and Designated Marksman course to name a few. He is currently working as a Firefighter-Paramedic in Houston and is on the SRT team as their medic.


Nate also instructs Tactical Combat Casualty Care as the lead instructor with Tactical Medics Group.


He has an energetic approach to teaching and his commitment to excellence is second to none.


“We're a growing training consultation company. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you to reach your company training goals for active shooter events. What are you waiting for, let's meet​" 

Terence Moore, BOLT Founder & Program Director

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