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Conference Mingling



Many active shooter events occur in office environments. Disgruntled employees, lovers tiffs are among the most common statistics. Office environments can very complex, where you have to consider many options if you are ever caught in an active shooter event. Most obvious ones are that there are many dead ends, fewer exists and long hallways which act as an effective kill zone.  Most floor plans are like a maze that provides the active shooter the element of surprize and can offer many hiding places or not. The Bridge of Life Training Bystander Active Shooter Education (B.A.S.E) course is an adaptive curriculum that prepares you for an Active Shooter Event by giving you the tools, options and knowledge to know what to do if you are ever caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Out of the 160 Active Shooter Events that occured between 2010-2013

23 of them occured in businesses that were closed to the general public or public traffic.

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