There has been 39 incidents that have occured in educational environments 27 schools, 12 In institutes for higher education  that resulted in 117 deaths and 120 wounded between 2000-2013.


We as educators have an obligation to be prepared to save the children in our care and custody. Traditionally we have done this by maintaining our CPR qualification or acquiring basic first aid. Now given the current climate regarding active shooter events and other forms of school trauma we need to reset our focus to saving our children in another way. The Bystander Active Shooter Education  “B.A.S.E” for short is the new standard for rapid care of and treatment of all casualties affected in an active /mass casualty incident. No other educational program addresses first reactions, and life saving care the way you will learn in the B.A.S.E course. This course curriculum has been designed with due regard to people of all ages and walks of life. Its “KISS” principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) ensues that everyone takes home the skills they need to save themselves of others, with maximum long term memory retention.


B.A.S.E for Educators covers many important topics such as, Basic FBI Statistics, Actions you will take when something bad happens. Its not just about run hide or fight, there are many other points to cover which are very important to your survival. Basic Anatomy and Physiology and first aid. Last portion of the program we get hands on with some skills. The B.A.S.E for educators program addresses site specific material in a way that you can relate to the training provided within the environment you work or study in.