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Police Cars

Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement personal have many resources available to them when it comes to active shooter events. Training has focused on the act of neutralizing the threat and how to save your life or your partners by the application and use of battle proven tourniquets and hemostatic agents. Now many police departments promote carrying these items many require them too. Now the trend is moving towards more advanced trauma training, as law enforcement tends to be the first responders on the scene after the threat has been mitigated.


If your on a scene your noble efforts will no doubt save lives but many will die due to the lack of supplies your familiar with and lack of training. Mass casualty situations can overwhelm even most advanced medical technicians and there does not need to be a lot of casualties, why? Because a mass-casualty situation is determined by your training and the supplies you have on hand. So in effect you can have a mass casualty event with just 2 or 3 people or less if you don’t have the training or stores to save them.


Bystander Active Shooter Education (B.A.S.E) course is perfect for all law enforcement officers who need the added edge in the fight to save lives. Our proprietary training is one of a kind and has a proven heritage to support your learning objectives.


If you are ever caught in a situation where seconds count and you don’t have commercially available tactical stores then this 2-hour class is what you need. 

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