Hospitals are known to be a place where lives are saved, a place where healing takes place, where miracles happen.  To be honest hospitals lead us all into a false sense of security. This setting lets our guard down when visiting as patients or as guests. Ask yourself, if you were ever involved in a shooting wouldn't you like to be in a hospital? You and thousands of others would agree 100%. But the truth is a hospital is not different than a school or shopping mall or a large corporation. It has many rooms, hallways, dead ends, or open areas where you can be caught or trapped during a active shooter or mass casualty event. The only difference is that you are closer to help when the smoke settles. But the question you need to ask is how long will it be before help will arrive?


The Bystander Active Shooter Education (B.A.S.E) course was develped for situations like this. The very title of this program represents you can make a difference in someones life who has been seriously hurt, at least until help arrives. The goal is to effectively create a "Bridge Of Life" from point of injury till medical trained personal can get hands on that casualty. 


Each phase of the B.A.S.E course will enlighten, inspire, and provides you the necessary skills to prolong life with miminal supplies. 


The propriety content of our B.A.S.E course is like no other. If you are a hopsital or department administrator within a hospital system please contact us and set up a meeting on how the Bridge Of Life Training B.A.S.E training system can be implented into your training schedule.


Here are some stats to consider...


There has been 154 hospital-related shootings were between 2000-2011, 

91 were within the hospital and 63 outside within the hospital boundries.


The most common site for most attacks were within the emergency department, some 29%, followed by the parking lot 23% and patient rooms 19%.


How safe do you feel, how prepared are you?