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The Bystander Active Shooter Education course was initially designed for Teachers to save the lives of their students or themselves. It is now recognized within the industry as a course that is applicable in all environments where large amounts (>10-100+) of people congregate, whether it be for entertainment, shopping, dining etc. Shootings are to common an occurrence within commercial enterprises. Disgruntled workers who have gripe with their boss or fellow workers, upset spouses wanting to get even, robberies gone wrong to name some situations that hit our news media frequently.


So we ask what your business or corporation is doing to prepare for inevitable attack? We know statistically all businesses are inadequately set up for such events. Lets look at some of the reasons why.


1. The required medical stores are very expensive. We are not talking about some bandaids and some cheap bandages in a five dollar box, we are talking about expensive tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and chest seals. These cost anywhere from $15-$35 a piece and now lets multiply that by the amount of staff you have and you can see your potential expenditure quickly rise into the thousands.


2.  Companies are run on a budget, the mere mention of spending extra money on expensive supplies will be shot down in flames by management who are focused on meeting that budget even though those supplies could actually save them one day!


3. We are social creatures of habit. We are content to be reactive than proactive.  Even though the proactive costs are significantly less. Commercial entities would just rather take a chance – It wont happen to us!


4. When “a” death occurs in the workplace the direct and indirect costs can be substantial, like in the hundreds of thousands to millions. Multiple it for multiple deaths which is typically seen in these active/ mass casualty shooter events. Is this reactive approach worth this cost?


5. Lastly training. Not everyone is CPR qualified nor are most people EMT’s. Training is expensive in dollar value and time and a select few are chosen to complete this training intermittently and once done all future training is forgotten. People who were qualified years ago have certifications that are expired or their skill set has perished.


6. Historically CPR and basic first aid has been the standard for most businesses. But each course lacks the ability to save lives in an active shooter situation.


The B.A.S.E. course is designed to save lives with the least amount of stores or equipment. Its curriculum hits the mark with emphasis on the basics in emergency care. This means it doesn’t matter what your education level is or where you are from. Everyone will benefit attending this course and the price point is unbelievably low, which means all staff can attend and be trained annually.


So make a difference in your life and those lives you have a duty to protect within the workplaces and contact us for our corporate rates!

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