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Do you have the skills or know how to save lives till first responders arrive? Shootings, stabbing and other violent events occur randomly within residences. Open partys, large family get togethers, home invasions etc all have caused serious harm to the occupants or death. There will always be a delay for first responder assistance. The delays begin at the time of the call,  where paramedics will stage somewhere close till law enforcement calls them in when the scene is safe. Other delays are caused by EMS call volume, meaning what would have taken the ambulance 10 minutes to repond could take 30min or more if another ambulance has to be called in from another district. 


FBI statistics say that there have been 7 instances of mass shooting (3 or more people killed) in residences. 32 people have been killed and 17 wounded. 


Most households have guns, most gun owners believe that if a serious shooting event occured that they have the capability and confidence to do what needs to be done. When in reality most household guns or weapons are not close at hand when they need it.


B.A.S.E. is the course for all families. Make a difference by knowing what to do if you are ever caught in a bad situation.


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